Joining the Wait List

What does it mean to join Well-Spring’s future resident Wait List?

We strongly encourage those who already have retired or are nearing retirement, as well as the adult children of older adults concerned about their parents’ future – what it means to them and to themselves – to visit Well-Spring and learn more about our residences, services and the process to eventually one day live here.

When you join the Wait List at Well-Spring you are not committed to moving here – you are simply affording yourself the opportunity to do so in the future.

Creating that opportunity now is critically important because there is a bit of a waiting period a future resident must undergo before a move-in can occur, a period of at least two years, on average. Why? Because that’s how many people have expressed interest in potentially living at Well-Spring. They have already joined the future resident Wait List.

We invite people to tour Well-Spring, learn more about our different residences – there are 17 different floor plans! – see our amenities and enjoy the incredible food our renowned dining program prepares and serves. If you think a continuing care retirement community – or “life plan community” – fits your future needs and preferences, then consider joining the future resident Wait List.

Here’s how that works:

  • Select a handful of different floor plans that you think would be of interest should you decide in the future to move in
  • There is a wait list for each floor plan
  • Fill out a small amount of paperwork 
  • Pay a one-time $1,000 fee to join the list – if you eventually move in, this amount goes toward your new resident entry fee; and if you do not move in (for any reason) you receive a refund of $750
  • You let us know the timeframe you want to begin hearing from us about the availability of residences featuring any of your preferred floor plans – either “as soon as possible” or, say, “start calling me in five years.” When we call you to let you know that one of your choices is available, you can say, ‘I’ll take it,” or, “I’m not quite yet ready – let someone go ahead of me.” That’s OK! You don’t lose your place in line.

That’s it! By joining the future resident Wait List you have in no way committed to moving into Well-Spring. Rather, you have created the option for doing so.

The population of older adults is growing exponentially. Meanwhile, the number of communities and residences serving older adults cannot keep pace with this growth. Placing your name on a wait list now creates and best preserves your option for moving in … if and when you decide you want to. 

To schedule a visit to tour and/or learn more about Well-Spring and explore joining the Wait List, call 336.545.5417.