Well-Spring Team

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A Team That Is There for You

Well-Spring strives to provide our residents with the best aging-adult services. Our priority is ensuring our retirees and senior adults as well as their families feel they are enjoying a luxury independent lifestyle. That’s why we assure our residents and their families that all our staff, volunteers, board of trustees and management are caring, trustworthy employees, and well-qualified for their positions.


Headshot of Erin Hartwick, Sales Counselor, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Erin Hartwick

Sales Counselor


Julie Price photo

Julie Morris

Sales Counselor


Headshot of Katie Dannemiller, Director of Resident Relations, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Katie Dannemiller

Director of Resident Relations


Headshot of Briana Barksdale, Administrative Assistant, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Briana Barksdale

Administrative Assistant



Headshot of Steve Fleming, President & CEO, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Steve Fleming

President & CEO

Headshot of Alan Tutterow, COO / Interim  CFO / Director of Philanthropy, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Alan Tutterow

COO / Interim CFO / Director of Philanthropy

Headshot of Misti Ridenour, Executive Director, Well-Spring Life Plan Community

Misti Ridenour

Executive Director

Lynn Wooten, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
Rick Williams, Vice President of Human Resources
Todd Dumke, Director of Dining Services
Philip Johnson, Director of Facility Services
Beverly Kone, Director of Environmental Services
Jeremy Lane, Director of Security and Transportation
Michael Jones, Director of Health Services
Sue Suek, Director of Nursing

Our 2023 Board of Directors and Officers

  • Kathryn “Cookie” Billings, Chair
  • Kenneth Boggs, Vice Chair/Immediate Past Chair
  • Stephen P. Fleming, President/CEO
  • K. Alan Tutterow, Secretary and Interim Treasurer
  • Jeff Blaser, Assistant Secretary
  • Jerry Bailey
  • Anthony Boyd
  • Chris Brown
  • Dan Camia (ex. officio and Well-Spring resident)
  • Barry Canner (The Village at Brookwood resident)
  • Bob Chandler
  • Timothy Clontz
  • Sally Cone
  • Susan Cox
  • Wendy Gatlin
  • Rusty Holt
  • Daryl Ingold
  • Jennifer Koenig
  • Bonnie McAlister (Well-Spring resident)
  • Susan McDonald
  • Robert L. Powell, Jr.
  • Susan Shumaker
  • Carole Simms
  • Marty Stadler
  • Tom Steele
  • Dr. Alan White
  • Jennifer Young (ex. officio and The Village at Brookwood resident)
  • Ben Zuraw